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Bangalore-based FADD Studio believes that the world of design is in a constant state of flux; evolving out of new ideas, concepts, trends and fads. It is also about revisiting old trends that were set decades ago and reinterpreting them in a contemporary way. While FADD is an acronym for Farah and Dhaval Design, it is also a play on the word ‘fad’. Farah Ahmed and Dhaval Shellugar, Founders, FADD Studio speak about two of their favourite projects and their idea of an ideal home.

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Favourite projects | One of my recent projects is Sotally Tober – we loved doing this space for several reasons. First, restaurants don’t come by as often as residences. Second, being a public space, design can be more experimental and more dramatic than a residence. Though we were most definitely sober while conceptualizing Sotally Tober, the concept itself was on a total high. The facade with its gravity-defying chairs will make anyone, inebriated or not, stop in their tracks. The feeling of surprise is only elevated after entering the space, which is completely covered in Jackson Pollock style drips, sprays and splashes. Each seating cluster is unique with its own colour and its very own suspended lights. Most lights are elements picked from the kitchen – whisks, ramekins, baking trays, mason jars, bottles, and even teapots. To break some of the colour blocks, some chairs are also hand-sprayed with vibrant colours. This concept continues outside with the painted furniture against a ribbed cement wall. This quirky, bold and all-encompassing concept of soft splashes and sprays of blues and greys lends Sotally Tober a totally cool vibe buzzing with energy, rhythm and drama.

Another project that is dear to our hearts is the Nadhani Residence – this project would be every designer’s dream. There were no budget or creative restrictions. The client’s requirements were listed out – network and automations for the husband and storage for the wife – other than those, the sky was the limit! We created a striking foyer with its Persian blue castle-like door, which leads into a French-English styled living room primarily of blues, whites and greys. The walls are a cool azure with white paneling and the room doors are a powder blue imparting a soothing, light and fresh feel to the whole space. Soft and saturated vintage prints highlight the living room that houses a contemporary stark-white sofa in the centre. A narrow passage, a gallery of sorts, leads to three bedrooms that echoed the softness of the living area but in three different colours – lilac, olive and beige. A shaded blue bookshelf provides for a perfect backdrop for the oak dining table with bright blue upholstered chairs and antique temple bells (the dining lights), which were white and patina. Needless to say, the client’s favourite colour is blue.

FADD Studio – Farah and Dhaval contemporary residence

Ideal home | The fluidity of form should flawlessly flow into function.

Luxury at home | Luxury is comfort with style. It’s not necessarily something big or expensive. It’s each individual’s unique space and function requirement (small or big) fulfilled with quality and well-curated aesthetics. It’s practicality that looks good, its form that feels good, its design that’s convenient.

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Furniture and furnishings trending in 2016 | We see a comeback of florals in a big way – both vibrant as well as subtle patterns.

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